5 - 10 October 2020

Libraries Week

Awen Libraries are proud to support this annual showcase of the best that UK libraries have to offer as safe and welcoming community spaces for reading, engagement, learning and creativity.


Reading Well For Children

Awen Libraries is joining with The Reading Agency, the Society of Chief Librarians Cymru and Libraries Connected to launch a new collection of ‘Reading Well for children’ books. The books, which will be available in English and Welsh from libraries across Bridgend county borough, cover areas such as anxiety, bereavement and bullying and have been carefully selected by leading health professionals to support the mental health and wellbeing of children.


Our libraries provide welcoming community spaces for everyone. Come to us for education, entertainment, enlightenment, discovery and fun. We provide access to a wide range of information available in a wide variety of formats, from online encyclopaedias to local directories and maps from the 19th century, from current bestsellers to those difficult-to-find first-in-a-series, from stories on cassette tape for those with old school technology to audio downloads for those with the latest. We not only provide a home for these resources, we can help you access it. If you need help downloading to a new phone, or using a new eReader, we can provide it. With digital drop-in sessions for more in-depth questions and friendly, knowledgeable staff for ad hoc enquiries, we want to provide you with the level of information you need. We’re not just about IT however… What we love, more than almost anything, is to spread our love of reading with children. Children’s books and activities are a HUGE part of what we do, and we do it well! Storytelling, reading groups, crafts activities, class visits, Bounce and Rhymes for babies, incredible pop-up books, children’s eMagazines and eBooks, audio downloads, film clubs, coding clubs and smiley, encouraging librarians. Honestly, if your children aren’t regular visitors, they are missing out!! All this and brilliant books too!

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Dewis Llyfrgell



Diwrnod Cofio’r Holocost

Sefydlwyd Diwrnod Cofio’r Holocost gan Ymddiriedolaeth Diwrnod Cofio’r Holocost i annog y byd i gofio’r 6 miliwn o fywydau Iddewig diniwed a gollwyd yn ystod yr holocost, a’r miliynau eraill a laddwyd o dan erledigaeth gan y Natsïaid a hil-laddiadau ar ôl hynny yng Nghambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia a Darfur. Dechreuodd yr hil-laddiad o dan erledigaeth […]

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Rannu’ch Profiad O’r Llyfrgell

Ydy’r ffordd rydych chi’n defnyddio’r llyfgell wedi newid yn ystod y pandemig? P’un ai i chi aros gartref, wedi defnyddio’n adnoddau ar-lein neu wedi galw heibio, hoffwn wybod beth rydych chi’n ei feddwl. Cymrwch yr holiadur anhysbys, cloi hwn i rannu’ch profiad o’r llyfrgell gyda ni. Arolwg Cymraeg – Cliciwch Yma English Language Survey – […]

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Coronavirus Firebreak Update

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