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Pyle Library Prepares To Reopen For Computer Access

Awen Cultural Trust, the registered charity which manages the library service in Bridgend County Borough on behalf of the local authority, is preparing to reopen its Pyle branch to offer access to the public computers from Monday 17th August.

Customers will be able to book one of three socially distanced PCs for a 45 minute session, between 9.15am and midday, Monday to Friday, by phoning 01656 754850. Staff will clean each computer, mouse, desk and chair, and replace the keyboard covers between each session.

Customers will be expected to adhere to current Welsh Government guidelines to reduce the spread of coronavirus, including using hand sanitiser before and after using the computers, and leaving their contact details in line with the Test, Trace and Protect scheme.

Printing services will be available but must be completed by a staff member. Customers will be expected to make payment by putting the correct money into the donations box, to minimise person to person contact.

Library staff will only be able to offer limited assistance during the sessions, and from a safe distance. Browsing social media, playing computer games or any other non-essential use during these sessions is discouraged.

Richard Hughes, Chief Executive of Awen Cultural Trust, said:

“This pilot scheme at Pyle is another step towards the reopening of our libraries, which we will continue to do in a phased and considered way, to minimise any risk to our staff and customers. We know that our public computers are a lifeline for many library members, providing vital support for job seekers, access to services online, help for those who are digitally excluded, and others who have struggled without computers and internet throughout the lockdown period. Finding a new way of offering safe and free PC access has been a priority for us in recent weeks, and, subject to a successful pilot scheme, we look forward to rolling this approach out to our branches very soon.”

Councillor Dhanisha Patel, Cabinet Member for Well-Being and Future Generations, added:

“Awen and Bridgend County Borough Council remain committed towards ensuring that services can be reintroduced to the community in a safe, sensible manner.

“Modern libraries now offer a wide range of services and are a valuable community asset, especially for people who may not have computer or internet access at home.”