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Free Relaxation: How Books Can Help Your Mental Health

We have an idea of what you are thinking: you really do not need another good excuse for adding more titles to your book list. You have already made a mental note of a gazillion recommendations. However, let us imagine you added more, would that be a bad thing? The fact that reading is scientifically proven to be good for your mental health is a worthy reason to keep downloading (FREE of charge) from

Let us remind ourselves how reading makes us feel good, shall we?

Books Allow You To Escape Into Other Worlds

There are some days you just have to accept are going to be ‘one of those’. By throwing in the towel and losing yourself in a book, you are basically treating yourself to a mental holiday. You can do so completely FREE of charge by downloading a book online via your library’s website.

A Better Night’s Sleep

We all love our digital devices, although we are also increasingly being warned about being exposed to their blue lights before sleep. Studies have shown that establishing a good bedtime routine is great for helping you fall asleep quicker, and results in better quality of sleep. Why not try swapping digital devices to a book from your shelf in order to catch some better zzz’s? We promise the book in question doesn’t have to be dull either.

Other Stories Put Yours Into Perspective

This part also links with ‘Escaping Into Other Worlds’, because by reading you are ‘Climbing Into Someone Else’s World’, so to speak. By doing so, a book might actually enable you to think about your own situations, struggles and happiness a bit differently. Books are wonderful and the stories, characters and choices within them can help you feel less alone, and can provide some positive perspective on how to tackle your own challenges.

Lowers Stress Levels and Sparks Relaxation

If you are currently reading a text book to help with an essay or revision, this part is probably going to be a bit lost on you. However, in general, a regular reading routine has scientifically been proven to lower stress levels and help individuals relax. All the more reason to sign up to the library, eh?

If the above sounds idyllic and you could really do with something to help relax at the moment, you can join Awen Libraries online at There are plenty of e-books, e-audiobooks, e-magazines and more readily available to download, completely FREE. If you have any questions on how to do so you can email or message us on our Awen Libraries Facebook page.